My name is Ryan and I am currently a Year 12 student. Our Design & Technology class has been given the task of designing a new product to help someone with a disability of our choice. I have chosen to create a product to aid someone who has ADHD, and therefore this questionaire will aim to provide insight as to the needs and wants of people diagnosed with this condition.
This survey aims to gain insight as to what it's like dealing with ADHD from a teacher's perspective. By answering the following questions, it will help me gain a better understanding of what sort of products could be designed.

What is your gender? *

What year level do you teach? *

What do you believe to be the most difficult part about having ADHD from you experience with them? *

What sort of environment/task tends to see the most noticeable effects of ADHD? *

What do you as a teacher believe are some key features needed for a new product designed to aid those with ADHD? *

Would you want a new product to have educational value for the student? *

If yes, what would you like it to focus on teaching the student?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

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